So you say you want a pet?
Take some time to think through this decision.

Never get a pet on a whim. Never get a pet as a gift for someone else.

Ask yourself lots of questions!

Do you have the financial resources to care for this animal for the life of the pet? That means food, housing, medications, annual veterinary check-ups and other expenses that may arise.

Do you have a suitable environment and enough space for this pet?

Do you have the time needed to devote attention and love to a pet?

Have you researched different breeds to see what pet is the best match for you and your other household members?

For Cats:

For Dogs:

Research is not limited to cats and dogs. This applies to any companion animal including exotic birds, domestic rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, small animals like hamsters and other pocket pets, as well as farm animals!

Do you have young children? Does everyone in the household desire a pet?

Do you have allergies?

What are the laws pertaining to pets in your municipality? There may be licensing and vaccination requirements, as well as ordinances against animals running-at-large and/or restricting the number of animals that you knowingly permit to remain on your property. Consult your city, town or borough clerk and/or view the municipal code online if available.

If you rent, does your landlord permit pets?

Rather than breed or buy, adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group.

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